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Potato Chips

Delicious, extremely addictive oven roasted potato chips.
All Day. Anywhere. Everyday

Here are the reviews for MyChips from different customers.

988 DJ promote MyChips Durian Potato Chips

988 DJ Sam & Fish

Salted egg lovers, the new salted egg potato chips are for you. The undenieable flavour makes one could not resist the temptation of eating more. It is not just for salted egg lovers, fans of potato chips will surely love it after tasting it.

Christine Chia


Grab one and there will be no regret!
The crispy and strong flavour is all you need to cheer up the day.

David Lim


Taste one and it will be the new favourite chips you will never forget. 



Its not like any ordinary potato chips.
Once u open it up, u will finish it in one shot.
The salted egg flavour is like no other chips you have tasted before.

Alicia Cheong

University Student

The tasty and crispy texture of salted egg potato chips is very unique. The durian potato chips are riched in flavour and the taste gets better each time.

Muhammad Arif

Tourist Guide