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We only choose the finest ingredients and we do not use any essence.


International Renown Chef Endorsement

International renown chef
Chef TJ Tan


Professional Production

MyChips is produced in a highly hygenic kitchen environment with professional setup.


Natural Ingredients And No Essence

We select the finest quality of salted eggs (AA) grade, quality imported potatoes, aromatic curry leaves, and premium quality dried chilies.


Malaysia Durian

For our durian chips, we use best quality Malaysian dried durian flesh instead of durian essence. 


The Perfect Taste

MyChips have been fine-tuned to bring you the perfect blend of aroma, taste and aesthetic. We have conducted blind test with 3 major brands and MyChips is the preference choice of close to 70% testers.


A Healthier Choice

MyChips care for your health. All our chips are oven roasted (Not Oil Fried).